One Product Source from an Extensive Commercial Refrigeration range

The supply chain is just too far and wide for us to outline it in full detail in this short informational note. What can be done is outline just one product that is part of the up to date inventory of this Commercial Refrigeration sales and rental stock. This business is a regular supplier of Commercial Bakers Upright Fridges and Freezers. These items allow food services and hospitality industry users to either chill or freeze their stock as circumstances and the nature of the food being stored requires.

The equipment has been designed and destined for simple and convenient use. All that is needed on the part of the user is to simply plug in his equipment and turn it on. Remote condensing units are available but will need to be pre-ordered. The commercial fridge supplier here has mentioned that it takes up to ten weeks to manufacture such a product. In this day and age, given the nation’s reputation for fine industrial standards and quality, that is not a lot of time.

Commercial Refrigeration

The recommendation given is that customers pre-order well ahead of the time it is needed in store on in their kitchen. There is a standard Bakers Upright fridge and freezer combination in stock. It comes with one door for the fridge and one door for the freezer. Setting up the equipment remains easy. Using it is guided with easy to use tray slides. There are also matching Bakers Under-bench Storage Cabinets refrigerators and freezers in stock. 

Combination all-in-one storage units are available too. Ideal for restaurants and showrooms, Bakers Display Cases do the jobs nicely too. It is ideally equipped to store and display refrigerated goods, heated food and ambient products.